[ubuntu-art] Moving things forwards.

Thomas L.G thomlie at online.no
Thu Jan 3 00:09:56 GMT 2008

tonic skrev:
> well there is voting
> one man, one vote

To be honest, I don't think that's enough. If anyone were to agitate for 
a community-based organization of this work, it would be me (especially 
since it politically suits my ideals perfectly... ehem). And I am! But 
every organization needs some form of... well, organization! Voting is 
fine, but not alone. There needs to be some sort of "leadership".

I think there should be a couple of persons, elected by us (doesn't have 
to be all fair and square public voting, could just as well be a result 
of discussions, suggestions and compromises on this list), who make sure 
there is progress, at all times. To make sure we are doing what we 
should be doing, and specify certain guidelines for our work.

I don't know much of how it has been done earlier, so I might be 
stepping in some old footprints here. Anyway, just my five cents.

- Thomas L.G

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