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Jan Niklas Hasse jhasse at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 13:45:51 GMT 2008

> Anyway, instead of showing me the real names of the apps, do you have any
> _solid_ opinion or any critic point to my idea?

Your idea is that applications are still running when i close their window?
And that they will appear in an app selector? Well, the idea is not bad, but
the tray does this already. When i close my app i can reopen it by clicking
the tray icon. My critic point is: Instead of developing an app selector, we
should drop the idea of the tray as a notification area and improve it

> I mean, music apps go to "tray" in Linux... and what? I was saying that in
> my opinion this is not the right place to keep open apps.

Why? I think it's a good place because a small icon doesn't take much place
and i can perform actions like changing settings in the context menu of the

> Could you please stop and think my ideas for a while instead of pointing
> me some names or responding some phrases without reading the next ones (I
> said that we can take good things from other gui's like Windows' shell just
> before I pointed that Ubuntu should not be a _copy_ of Windows/OS X)?

Well i think the tray is one of the good thinks of Windows.

> And, I haven't said that we should remove windows, so that was completely
> off-topic.

That should just be an example.

> I don't want to spend my time developing my ideas and trying to explain
> them in this mailing list just for receiving some words like "I call it
> tray.".

I'm sorry if that offended you, i didn't mean to.

> Again, can you re-think my idea and criticize some of them instead saying
> "that is called x on linux..."

I never said that.

> "so what?" etc.?

I just wanted to know why it is important that ideas come from a windows

> If you don't like my idea just bring some "I don't like it". It's as
> useful as everything you said and it's much less time wasting, even for you.

I don't think so. You said: "This discussion is _very_ interesting, please
keep posting ideas." And i wanted to discuss it. Don't you think saying "I
don't like it" would be a little rude?
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