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Sat Feb 9 22:53:34 GMT 2008

Personally I use the desktop to store three types of things (not just as 
a junk store)
1: Stuff that I'm working on at the moment (maybe a recently used files 
virtual folder on part of the desktop)
2: Stuff that I frequently need just after startup - links to 
applications which I only use in certain locations.
3: Files that I need rarely but when I do need don't want to have to go 
searching through my home folder for.
So while it is a good idea to try and reduce the use of the desktop as a 
junk store there still needs to be the flexibility to use it as a normal 
folder if you wish (even if it needs to be enabled as an option)


Travis Watkins wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2008 5:01 AM, Andrew Laignel <a.laignel at ukdotcafe.com> wrote:
>> Here's an idea, and something I have been wanting for a long time...
>> Get rid of the 'Desktop' as a file store - remove it from the directory
>> hierarchy!
>> The only reason to store something on the desktop is if you can't be
>> bothered to put it where it's meant to go.  Ideally everything should be
>> in the home folder, rather than split across a locations.  Everything
>> else - shortcuts, pseudo-icons could remain but only if handled by the
>> system in an organised fashion ala Mac OS (drives and folders down RHS).
>> The mixing of shortcuts, files, and system icons is generally a bad idea
>> as you don't know whats what largely.  Generally most desktops are just
>> an ugly mess.
>> If you remove the desktop-as-a-junkstore paradigm that everyone always
>> does because everyone's always done it it opens up many new
>> opportunities for using the desktop as an actual interface rather than
>> the reliance on toolbars.  It would also make a more intuitive system as
>> you have more space to work with (as it will hide behind windows) so you
>> are not constrained to 32px height restrictions.
> Actually, the desktop effectively does not exist exactly because it is
> covered almost all the time. This is probably why people don't worry
> about using it as a junk store, they never see it unless they're
> diving in there to get something anyway. Kind of like the junk drawer
> on your real desk. :)
>> You could have multiple icons for various things that would expand out
>> when hovered or clicked such as home folder, drives, places, software
>> etc.  You could shade all the controls or slide them out of the way when
>> the desktop has no focus to prevent accidental clicks, and maybe slide
>> the home folder out if someone does try to drag something to the desktop
>> to make it obvious that's not where it goes.
>> I've done a quick mockup of what I think would improve on the GUI.
>> Obviously it's not perfect but there may be some good ideas there.  With
>> all the effort being spent on all the other areas of Ubuntu, more should
>> be spent on the interface.
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