[ubuntu-art] How to find the right wallpaper...

Sumit Chandra Agarwal sumit.chandra.agarwal at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 17:34:43 GMT 2008

I do like that idea of cycling through wallpapers in the alphas. The 
alpha needs default wallpaper anyway, so why waste it on old designs 
when it is basically a no-risk chance to experiment?

I've only just gotten involved with Ubuntu and for a new participant it 
is extremely confusing and difficult to figure out where to start. I 
guess much of this comes from the nature of a community effort, but I 
feel things could be bit more centralized or organized. For one, the 
Wiki could use better organization and perhaps even pruning. Looking at 
the Hardy wallpaper section there it is ambiguous what the section 
'alternate' means. Does it mean 'alternating from what has already been' 
or 'alternate packages for user download' or 'alternate preloaded 
wallpaper library'? Once within the 'alternate' section those pages and 
documents that are related to guidelines and design specifications are 
given equal weight, and thus buried alongside, those pages that are 
abandoned tests involving platypuses (platypi?).

Not to get off-topic, but how can we better organize the art and design 
efforts? I ask this specifically because it is where we are most likely 
to draw in new non-technical participants and those not already familiar 
with the open-source process.


Dylan McCall wrote:
> I thought Gutsy had a lot of wallpaper suggestions, but the response 
> for Hardy is phenomenal! What's more? These are all great.
> Of course, Mark has the final pick here, but I think something should 
> be in place to guage the community's interests - a lot of people 
> running the Hardy alphas seem to pay little attention to the wiki or 
> mailing lists. I think it would make sense to be trying a different 
> potential wallpaper in the alpha every week or so, such that all the 
> users can voice their thoughts and concerns. It would make a lot more 
> sense to try these out early than to try picking one and see how it 
> goes at the last minute.
> Note that I am not pondering a vote, but an efficient and 
> straight-forward way that we could decide which wallpapers do and do 
> not work well in action.
> Bye,
> -Dylan McCall

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