[ubuntu-art] How to find the right wallpaper...

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 17:25:29 GMT 2008

I thought Gutsy had a lot of wallpaper suggestions, but the response for
Hardy is phenomenal! What's more? These are all great.

Of course, Mark has the final pick here, but I think something should be in
place to guage the community's interests - a lot of people running the Hardy
alphas seem to pay little attention to the wiki or mailing lists. I think it
would make sense to be trying a different potential wallpaper in the alpha
every week or so, such that all the users can voice their thoughts and
concerns. It would make a lot more sense to try these out early than to try
picking one and see how it goes at the last minute.
Note that I am not pondering a vote, but an efficient and straight-forward
way that we could decide which wallpapers do and do not work well in action.

-Dylan McCall
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