[ubuntu-art] alpha wallpaper and icon needed

Smartboy smartboyathome at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 17:21:49 GMT 2008

I've looked through all the submissions so far, and here are my opinions:
*Jackalope Sketch:* Great job, Thorston! This has the best perspective of
all six submissions. With a little editing to make the lines a little finer
(not as rough), and this would be my favorite.
*Oblivians Jaunty Wallpaper:* This one doesn't fit with what I consider the
Ubuntu branding as far as wallpapers go. Plus, I never really liked branding
on the wallpaper level. Seems too much like an advertisement at that point.
*Miffan:* The colors don't really say "Ubuntu" too me. The rabbit's legs
also look a little weird. When I think of a rabbit, I usually think of it as
fluffy, this looks a little scrawny.
*Miffan Edited:* Same problems as above.
*Miffan Mod:* In this one, the rabbit's colors look washed out. Colors fit
better though.
*Miffan R3:* This one is also very good. With no Ubuntu logo, perhaps move
the rabbit to the corner a little. Maybe some color adjustments as well
(looks a *lot* like Feisty's wallpaper, imo).

That is my opinion of each entry. [?]
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