[ubuntu-art] Again, top-posting. (*sigh*)

Dean Landolt dean at deanlandolt.com
Tue Aug 5 01:24:12 BST 2008

> Well, top posting is quite annoying when you're trying to view the thread
> linearly. Imagine if on a forum someone kept finding a way of posting before
> the original author way back on page one.
> Anyway, in Gmail it's pretty easy to avoid. When you do a replay just page
> down to after the person to whom your replying and type your message there.
> It's a simple thing to do and it makes everything really easy to read for
> everyone. Maybe those who find it most annoying should just put something in
> their signature about it?
> It's rude to do it, but if someone doesn't know about it they shouldn't be
> made to feel like they are an idiot and shouldn't be posting to the list.

Agreed. But of the dozens of active mailing lists I'm subscribed to, this is
the only one with such continued public shamings on it. I remember when I
first starting posting to the python forums I got a few friendly private
messages about top posting and haven't done it (consiously) since. Of course
sigs could also be a good solution.
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