[ubuntu-art] Itrepid theme inspiration ?

Julian Oliver julian at selectparks.net
Fri Apr 25 09:23:53 BST 2008

..on or around Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 05:14:22PM +0100, Sumit Agarwal said:
> I think both mock-up links presented (the Windows one and the Ubuntu 
> one) are really great examples, though they may be a touch too dark for 
> mainstream tastes (maybe I'm wrong. 

Human is already too /caramel/ for many tastes..

there is a curious conservatism at work i think here in Ubuntu Art.
Human was a risky design idea, that half-worked. the relative success of
this theme leaves Ubuntu Art leaders afraid of taking further design
risks. as a result, the graphical presentation of Ubuntu is stagnating
in its own prior bravery.

for the next release i think we'd all be wise to not cower away from the
possibility of widespread disappointment at shipping a radically new
theme - just as Human was when it was introduced. surely it cannot be
worse than promising great changes, as we all did, only to default back
to the known (for an LTS release). 

moreso, i think it's safe to generalise that people appreciate attempts
at improvement, being often far more generous in this respect than fear
would advise.

oh, i like both mockups.


julian oliver
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