[ubuntu-art] ubuntu-art Digest, Vol 27, Issue 17

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 24 22:52:02 BST 2007

Hi Damian,

On Monday 24 September 2007 23:37:43 Damian Vila wrote:
> Sorry, don't get me wrong, because I don't want to sound hash, but I
> don't agree with the part that things were clear at the wiki. And also,
> you are contradicting yourself.

Perhaps you are right on some points.

> If it was that clear you should have gotten proposals that matched the
> criteria. You got things you didn't expect because the guidelines were
> vague. It said "The goal is to get back to something as unique and
> beautiful as included in previous versions", with a few of the previous
> wallpapers as reference (that were later reduced to 2), and also it was
> stated that everybody should try to stick to the color palette.
> I see many proposals there that are unique and beautiful (including
> yours) and that stick to the palette.

i intentionaly left out saying specific statements as to what we wanted 
becuase other than making something that is in some way close to the pics I 
posted there was nothing to say.

> "Abstract", "dark", "fluid", "in brown, dark and earthy tones" was never
> mentioned, just "beautiful" and "unique."

Exactly. There was never a desire to create something intentionaly "dark" 
or "fluid". The point was to make something close to one of the pics I posted 
at the top of the page. It somewhat irratated me to simply try and recreate 
the wheel, so to speak, but that is what I was told to do. In Edgy I was told 
to create something along the lines of Feisty and that is what I did (and I 
don't like that pic so much either).

> To be frank, at the end of the process, and trying to really understand
> what was being asked, the image I thought was going to be the default
> (specially when the reference images was narrowed to the Hoary and
> Breezy wallpapers) was "solar anamorphic flare" by Troy Sobotka. Also,
> that was the reason I stopped making images (I wanted to try other
> animals). The fact that you decided for your own work (wich is really fine
> by me, specially because I like the wallpaper and you have the last word
> here) only reinforces me the idea that you, and only you , knew what you
> were looking for, and that it was not ptoperly stated in the guidelines.

Several people have said that I chose my own work. As stated on the wiki, that 
is not my pic. I did not make it, Joseph Connors did. I did ask him to submit 
pics because I thought that his work was very close to what we were looking 
for. I was hoping that others would make pics along that line as well after 
seeing them.

As to Troy's pics, I really like them as well but I feel that they do not 
match the colors quite as well and that there is a bit too much empty space.

> Again, I'm not criticising how it what selected or even if it was your own
> work, but I just want to stand for all the people that submitted their work
> and did a great effort to meet the criteria. For all the people that made
> "beautiful" and "unique" artwork aticking to the color pallete.
> As for the future, I'll be glad to help the team. I love the distro and
> I really want it to shine and stand out from the rest of the OSs. Let's
> use the enormous talent at our disposal to make the next release the
> best it can be.

Thanks for the great work. I look forward to your help on improving our 
processes in the future.


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