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Damian Vila damianvila at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 22:37:43 BST 2007

Sorry, don't get me wrong, because I don't want to sound hash, but I
don't agree with the part that things were clear at the wiki. And also,
you are contradicting yourself.
If it was that clear you should have gotten proposals that matched the
criteria. You got things you didn't expect because the guidelines were
vague. It said "The goal is to get back to something as unique and
beautiful as included in previous versions", with a few of the previous
wallpapers as reference (that were later reduced to 2), and also it was
stated that everybody should try to stick to the color palette.
I see many proposals there that are unique and beautiful (including
yours) and that stick to the palette.
"Abstract", "dark", "fluid", "in brown, dark and earthy tones" was never
mentioned, just "beautiful" and "unique."
To be frank, at the end of the process, and trying to really understand
what was being asked, the image I thought was going to be the default
(specially when the reference images was narrowed to the Hoary and
Breezy wallpapers) was "solar anamorphic flare" by Troy Sobotka. Also,
that was the reason I stopped making images (I wanted to try other animals).
The fact that you decided for your own work (wich is really fine by me,
specially because I like the wallpaper and you have the last word here)
only reinforces me the idea that you, and only you , knew what you were
looking for, and that it was not ptoperly stated in the guidelines.
Again, I'm not criticising how it what selected or even if it was your
own work, but I just want to stand for all the people that submitted
their work and did a great effort to meet the criteria. For all the
people that made "beautiful" and "unique" artwork aticking to the color
As for the future, I'll be glad to help the team. I love the distro and
I really want it to shine and stand out from the rest of the OSs. Let's
use the enormous talent at our disposal to make the next release the
best it can be.


Kenneth Wimer escribió:
> Normally you have to be a member of the list to post to the list. I allowed 
> this to go through so that nobody thinks I am secretly controlling things :p
> ...and now a few general comments which are not aimed directly at what you 
> have written nor should they be taken personally:
> The top of the wiki page explains exactly what was desired. Very few people 
> adhered to that. I have no problem with the other posts but you cannot tell 
> me that we are being rude or mean or secretive about anything when we state 
> exactly what we want and people submit stuff that is completely different. We 
> are making the community package so that even those which are completely 
> different can be included somehow - what more can one ask for in this 
> situation?
> There is a page with some decent guidelines to follow. There are pics posted 
> along with the statement "this is what we are looking for", there are colors 
> available which reflect the wishes of those in place to make a decision.
> The artwork was never a democratic process. It has been like that long before 
> I started and I have nothing to do with that. The decisions are made by those 
> above me in the company, one of them being the person who is paying for all 
> of this. In any case, this is a meritocracy, not 
> a "two-of-us-complained-on-the-forum-again-and-again-so-now-you-have-to-listen-to-us-ocracy"
> The statement that the picture was too dark was totally 100% correct, as was 
> the statement that it was too grainy. Hopefully we have fixed these problems. 
> If not we will keep working on them until they are fixed. Most of the rest of 
> the complaints on the forums are simply personal choice. Note that there are 
> lots of positive comments as well. For some reason people just like to take 
> notice of complaints more than a simple "I like it"
> I would love to see everyone who wants to improve things show up to the 
> upcoming meeting and work constructively on moving forward for Hardy. I will 
> be posting an agenda once the date is set (probably early tomorrow morning).
> --
> Ken
> On Monday 24 September 2007 21:37:13 higashiki wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just a few suggestions on the three questions:
>> 1. What is the problem today?
>> There is already a good community around artwork, but there are poor
>> efforts to coordinate human resources and a shortage of useful
>> documentation. Some people in the forums have already pointed out the
>> process isn't really a secret, but it seems so to others because there
>> isn't enough publicity and clear docs that explain how the planning, design
>> and selection process works. The community is frustrated in part because
>> they don't understand why certain a design is chosen (especially if the
>> design in question does not chime with their candidates). Some designers
>> are frustrated because there is not enough documentation in place that
>> spells out what is being asked of them. The result is a lot of wasted
>> effort in the "wrong" direction and not very good feelings about the
>> designers' roles in the overall process.
>> 2-3. How can we solve it? And execution?
>> - More cover material for the community that explains the entire design
>> process. Once a design is finalised, a statement that presents the design
>> to the rest of the community, answering the most oft-asked questions. E.g.:
>> What were the starting aims of the process, and what does the design say
>> about Ubuntu?
>> - Better guidelines and/or kits for designers that includes some very
>> elementary but essential items, e.g. a palette (not just a sampling of
>> previously accepted colours), or theme components. At the moment there is
>> some disagreement over the colours that should be used, whether other
>> colours (if any) should be combined with the "palette".
>> - Contrary to some views, audience and message does matter, because design
>> tends towards functional/communicative as it is towards artistic/creative.
>> All this work is going towards certain markets or viewers. Who are these
>> viewers, and what are they to get from the design? This should be one of
>> the starting points in the planning process -- establishing image and
>> audience. It might seem irrelevant to a "meta-debate", but it's part of how
>> the design process should be approached and, eventually, executed. It's
>> also one of the things that gives consistency in the visual experience,
>> because everything will be working towards a common goal or trying to say
>> the same thing to users. Consistency usually indicates that a good amount
>> of thought went behind the entire process, rather than something being
>> thrown together because the parts wee at hand.
>> As for some execution details, the wiki and forum could probably do for
>> now. Artists looking for feedback specific to their designs can open up
>> separate wiki/forum pages and link to them on the Hardy page next to the
>> thumbnails, so that a comments section on the main page will contain
>> comments on the general process, while separate sections are available if
>> the public wishes to directly contact the artists (e.g. via the artists'
>> pages).
>> In addition to "Forum Ambassadors", any important dates/deadlines should
>> also be posted to the wiki -- IRC and the mailing list are fine for the
>> design "team", but the rest of the community shouldn't have to root up
>> months of archives and transcripts trying to figure out what's happening.
>> Having a roadmap up for everyone to see adds to the impression of
>> transparency, that the "team" has got itself together and is making
>> progress. When someone asks, all the Ambassadors have to do is link people
>> up to the proper documentaton and field additional questions. It avoids
>> sending mixed messages and confusion.
>> Overall, the resources are there, but better direction and more
>> communication are needed to mobilise them properly.
>> Regards,
>> Misosaki
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