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Sid ssups at comcast.net
Sat Oct 20 21:45:47 BST 2007

I will help as much as I can mainly because I believe in the Ubuntu Desktop
and OS. I'm new on the scene so be patient. I will work on some graphics as
soon as possible. If I can help you Matthew let me know.
saxonsystems at comcast.net

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   1.  release day & website (Matthew Nuzum)


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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 12:46:09 -0500
From: "Matthew Nuzum" <newz at bearfruit.org>
Subject: [ubuntu-art] release day & website
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Hi, I've added a new feature to the website for this release, a
screenshot gallery:

I was wondering if we could make it a goal for the next release to
finish the artwork stuff sooner so that it will be easier to create
screenshots and advertisements that include the final pieces.

Also, many of you know, I am not a graphic designer. I would love some
help on the Ubuntu.com and related sites from graphic designers (and
other people who do web stuff) who wanted to help. Right now, the
art-work I create gets the job done but lacks the polish and subtle
character of a true artist.

Help could come in the form of screenshots and icons, but also it'd be
nice to have more dynamic content. For example, a while back, Ken and
I worked on a visual tour similar to
http://demos.mootools.net/Fx.Scroll that served to highlight new
features on the Ubuntu desktop (it didn't pan out (pun intended :-])
though because of time constraints). And I love this effect as an idea
for the screenshot gallery:

Help is also needed to optimize and resize graphics. Balancing the
right compression levels, choosing png or jpg and resizing are all
tasks that benefit from a human eye.

Finally, doing layouts in html takes more skill and time than most of
the website editors posses. Some of you may know that working within
the constraints of a webpage, especially a CMS, can be very
challenging. Therefore the pages on the ubuntu.com website tend to
look very bland.

What ever your area of interest, Ubuntu would benefit from your help.
Matthew Nuzum
newz2000 on freenode


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