[ubuntu-art] firefox-themes-ubuntu FTBFS - can anyone help ?

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Tue Oct 2 17:59:23 BST 2007

On Oct 2, 2007, at 5:19 PM, Alexander Sack wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 03:15:24PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
>>>> (c) In the absence of a change to firefox, is anyone here able and
>>     willing to help fix this FTBFS bug by making the PHP extract the
>>     relevant archives ?  I haven't looked at the relevant PHP code
>>     myself at all.  If necessary I can probably fix it but my  
>> approach
>>     might well be suboptimal, given my lack of familiarity with  
>> PHP or
>>     the existing arrangements.
> So the package uses PHP during build? wierd. CC'ed mozillateam mailing
> list. Maybe there is someone with PHP skills who can help out here?

Hello Alexander, Ian, others,

I was thinking about this package the other day, mainly because it is  
completely abandoned at this point in time. When I wrote the code,  
during the end of Dapper and throughout the Edgy cycle, it was mostly  
in shape and worked well. I think there were even some plans to get  
the Human theme to be the default theme.

However, once I stopped actively contributing to Ubuntu, the package  
has been left in the cold and I think there are still numerous  
aesthetic bugs filed against it. There seems to be no interest at all  
to keep the Ubuntu specific themes integrated (I think) since there  
aren't any new commits in the repository:

Unfortunate as it may seem I can't commit myself to maintaining this  
package anymore right now and apparently the powers that be do not  
see the visual integration of Firefox as a priority so it might be  
best to just remove the package from the build list / repository.

If someone does want to pick this back up, I can provide a few hints  
here and there as to how to code is structured and where to patch the  
Firefox chrome.

With kind regards,


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