[ubuntu-art] WAS Matte for the next release?

Günther Beyer contact at guentherbeyer.de
Fri Nov 23 09:54:14 GMT 2007

I'm going with James. The use of brown colours hat always been a little
shy in Ubuntu, but you can do so much more. Think about the combination
of brown nuances and white - very smooth and eyepleasing. Brown and
black - very strong. Brown with green and blue - fresh, modern. Brown
with red and orange - eyeblasting.

Some thoughts on icons. Most people are bored by the glossy look of the
Human Theme. But like someone pointed out, it would be a problem, if a
new icontheme would not work with Tango anymore - Suse, Fedora, ...

Maybe it would be way better, to rework a huge part of the actual
icontheme, making them a little more realistic, making them somehow
cleaner than they actually are. Hylkes Discovery icons are a good start
or maybe could fuse with the new ones. What about this one:


I've got the feeling, that souch a small change is exactly the right
thing for a new Ubuntu Desktop. A simple gradient instead of the glossy

Am Donnerstag, den 22.11.2007, 16:59 -0800 schrieb Troy James Sobotka:
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> Jan Niklas Hasse wrote:
> > IMHO brown is one of the ugliest colours. I'm sorry but it reminds me of
> > several bad things. Please don't decide to make a brown theme, orange is
> > ways better.
> I'm sorry to bother the list responding to this, but I feel
> that I must.
> This is the absolute most rubbish opinion ever offered up.
> It is a poorly researched, poorly understood, and knee jerk
> reaction.  Your understanding is not only misguided, it is
> riddled with flaws that anyone with any ounce of design sense
> would understand.
> Ubuntu's brown is pitiful _only_ because of poor execution.  Arguably,
> brown is having a bit of a second life in many other areas of design.
> Notably, as has been said a 100000 times before:
> 1) Ubuntu's use of brown is monochromatic and extremely underwhelming.
> A compliment or split compliment would fix this along with the
> permission to use contrast from lights to darks.  Brown could easily
> remain the base if fleshed out with some supporting cast members.
> 2) Brown has been used many times by many different designers
> extremely effectively.  Of notable worth you may wish to research
> some contemporary designs utilizing crests, grunge, etc.  Common
> pairings are brown with the compliment blue.  Starbucks recently
> launched a new campaign using brown as a base with white and a
> petal blue.  And yes, many design awards have been won with brown
> as a base.
> 3) "Orange is always better".  Superlatives are an immediate sign
> that the statement is probably riddled with flaws.  Make no mistake,
> monochromatic orange is no better than monochromatic brown.  For further
> reflection on this, compare the weak Fedora 8 work to the extremely
> strong Fedora 7 work.  The horribly monotonous work in SUSE is also
> a byproduct of monotony.
> There is a line between consistency and monotony, and no matter what
> colour or psycho-semantic-tripey rubbish that someone is trying to
> peddle about color psychology, in the end, it is the monochromatic
> lack of contrast that is killing Ubuntu's use of brown.
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