[ubuntu-art] Dark & Light - Mockup

Tiago Souza souzamusic at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 07:10:15 GMT 2007

Sweet. About the search button, I think we should try to implement
that visual in the deskbar applet, without it having to open a new
window. I mean, an integrated search would be nice. Something visualy
like this: http://awn.wetpaint.com/page/Make+Topaz+Ideas+a+Reality

Maybe Neil Patel knows how to do this, since his is a participant of
AWN community.

Nice icons, by the way.


On Nov 18, 2007 2:34 AM, Brad Jensen <bradwjensen at mchsi.com> wrote:
> I've been fooling around in Photoshop when i get bored, and here's what
> i've come up with..
> Dark Mockup --
> http://bradwjensen.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-Theme-Mockup-Dark-67903127
> Light Mockup --
> http://bradwjensen.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-Theme-Mockup-Light-69993148
> This is just something i would like to see in Ubuntu/Linux..
> It's simple, elegant, and saves space.
> It's mainly for ideas i guess, since it most likely wont all happen..
> I think Ubuntu needs more than just a theme.. it needs cleaner
> functionality / simplicity.
> I know some of it might not be what people would want to work on, coding
> wise; like the Menu list in the Titlebar (which would have to turn into
> a drop down button on the left of the titlebar when a window is dragged
> to a small width), but i've seen it done in iTunes and it saves a lot of
> space..  We would not really need to do everything exactly if we were to
> do it like this mockup / idea..
> What do people think?
> I'm open to suggestions / opinions.
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