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Wed Nov 7 05:14:33 GMT 2007

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Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
Another problem with dark themes is a purely technical one. I've done a
handful dark themes myself, but they always end up with small glitches
here and there because not all apps are designed to respect the theme
100% This makes for a bit of an amateurish feel in the long run. That is
not acceptable for Hardy.

I always seem to find myself in agreement with Mikkel's observations
and conclusions.

- - From the flurry of 'gtk' observations:
1) Dark themes always break, as per Mikkel's observations.  It was a
   weak point on Ubuntu Studio's theme, and would probably be a crook
   in this one.  In particular, until the panel theme gtkrc issue is
   resolved, there will almost always be some strange icon residue
   at the very least.
2) The heavy Crayola outlining of all buttons / tabs / etc. is
   completely counter any notion of elegance or grace.  It is perhaps
   the weakest element of Tango, and it simply makes work look
   bold and clunky.  Assuming a general audience, we can assume that
   they can find a button with a fine line.  Please let the caustic
   outlines of Clearlooks / Tango / et al die.  It is just weak.
3) The radius of Patel's buttons is a lovely compliment of both
   subtlety and other features is wonderful.  The subtlety of the
   linework is something to aim for.  Even the buttons could use
   some lightening on the lines.  Metacity 2.0 can even do the windows
   to a similar radii, but the antialiasing makes it rather clunky
   looking.  We would need to resolve this to go with that lovely
   radius on the windows.
4) The uniform Metacity to GTK Patel window is top shelf, even if a bit
   OSX.  Another +1 from me.
5) I dare say that I disagree with the esteemed MacSlow on the point of
   differing radii on the various controls.  Contrast is a wonderful
   thing.  And god knows we have lived long enough in the monochromatic
   Ubuntu world.
6) Glossy is done like dinner.  It is completely mooky to keep following
   that path, as it was way back in Edgy.
7) Another +1 to Ken for citing that polling people is pretty useless
   in the context that the people you are polling are already using
   Ubuntu.  Further, one can only guess what an elephant would look
   like if designed by polling (or some HIG for that matter).
8) Forest through the trees.  Remember that the GTK is one component
   of the entire presentation.  Perhaps we should be considering the
   other elements that are playing in that symphony?

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