[ubuntu-art] Wanted: artists input on papercdcase.

Daniel Buch meatballhat at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 18 14:13:02 GMT 2007

Hi Nik,

Although it isn't exactly the same approach, our LoCo Team has started
work on a project to package (and repackage) Ubuntu CDs for
distribution to libraries:

Our plan was to have a decently completed product before widely
announcing it to other LoCo Teams and the whole Ubuntu community.
Progress has been a bit slow so far (my fault,) so we'd be thrilled to
have some additional input.

If anybody on the Artwork Team who knows where we can get hi-res
source files for the official Ubuntu 6.06 wallets, please let us know!

~Dan (meatballhat)

> For a while now I have been wondering how we can create good quality CD
>   cases without the inherent ( potential waste ) of creating the current
> Cardboard flyer/folders and with a mechanism to allow us to create new
> content for the cover ( including such wonderful things as local
> Ubuntu/Lug contacts ).
> I am taking a leaf from such classics as
> PaperCDcase ( http://www.papercdcase.com/ ) and the example video from
> the Digg article (
> http://digg.com/videos/educational/Coolest_Cheapest_and_Practical_CD_Cases_you_ll_even_own_How_to_make_one
> ). I am not a designer of graphics and art but I can see a opportunity
> here to create a suitable product which can be printed on two sides of
> good quality A4 paper and then folded to create the case .  Since the
> artwork can be printed in small scale ( inket / colourlaser ) or large
> scale ( PDC Copyprint ? ) and then folded as required it seems a better
> fit to answering the on going presentation requirements. So is there
> anyone here who can help ?
> Now yes I understand that  this will require work to create the case,
> but not all things quick and cheap come are easy . I will open a page on
> the the wiki and post some thoughts on this as a project idea but I
> wanted to get this a ball rolling.
> My second thought since posting this was to have very stiff cardboard A4
>    pages created onto which a small foam dot can be placed to hold the
> CD. I am fairly sure I have seen this before as an example of mailing
> and advertising a product but im to old to remember where and when .
> Cheers
> Nik Butler
> Ubuntu-UK

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