[ubuntu-art] Advices and artwork needed for the Ubuntu Media Center project

Kenneth Wimer kwwii at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 7 12:41:48 GMT 2007


Sorry that it took so long for me to answer - lost this mail in my inbox 
somehow :-(

On Monday 26 February 2007 10:50:55 Jonathan Delrot wrote:
> Hi !
> Well, I started the colors pallette, it's not finished, you can change
> colors, you can download it with the attachment file.
> But I think that the Oxygen Icons' colors pallette is very good (I know you
> work for this project) and a normal and vibrant colors pallette is a good
> ideas, I don't know if work with this colors pallette will be a problem.
> What do you think ? Are we obliged to make a new colors pallette ?

I think that having a good solid color palette is very important to creating a 
solid design. Another very important aspect that is often forgotten is to 
know your customers - exactly which target group is the media center for?

These are just two things that should be considered before creating an entire 
design :-)


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