[ubuntu-art] Ubuntu Mockup

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen mikkel.kamstrup at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 10:16:23 GMT 2007

On 19/12/2007, Thomas L.G <thomlie at online.no> wrote:
> Oh well since we're all mocking up now, let me throw in a suggestion as
> well:
> http://www.portefolje.net/div/mockup.jpg
> Based on Ken's suggestion on this list. Some modifications (darker top
> area + some reflection, hover, consistent menus, dark notifications with
> some reflection). Another wallpaper (stock-image from sxc.hu), and
> another top-panel. Please ignore the ugly notification-icons at top
> right and other glitches - it is all just photoshop mocking! Also, I
> didn't make any minimize/maximize-icons yet, I really don't think we
> should use the Vista-like ones...

It is not nice to hijack threads like that. Please post your mockups
in another thread another time.

Good work both Thomas and AA. I hope to find time to comment on it later.


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