[ubuntu-art] Where's the official proposed theme idea?

Ken Vermette vermette at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 16:25:39 GMT 2007

Hey; I know I'm probably very late to the party when it comes to submitting
this stuff, but hopefully it's in time for either consideration or even just
half-useful input.

Other Wiki guys and myself have been working on the GTK and Emerald/Metacity
themes; We've just gotten enough polish to be worth showing you guys:


It's still in draft-format, but it's completly SVG and would use the Murrine
Engine with semitransparencies. There would be 4 Emerald/Metacity themes,
and 2 GTK themes, for varying hardware and an alternate colour theme for
Blubuntu fans.

I've kept track of the mailing list (and I was the Ken in the Art meeting,
sorry to Wimer if people thought I was you) and I think I have (most) of the
concepts discussed in the theme itself. Would this theme be worth modding or
changing to be accepted as the default Ubuntu theme? Or should we just
continue working on it and try throwing it in as an alt theme? Or is it too
late to the party?

-Ken Vermette
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