[ubuntu-art] New Theme

Steph orkerone at gmail.com
Fri Aug 31 23:16:42 BST 2007

Great to see that you guys want to get involved !

As I already said, I'd like to show you a selection of themes on
Gnome-look.org I like (but still haven't done), and then we can work
together to make something Ubuntu-styled, clear and modern. Sorin, I do like
your theme ! But many people don't want blue themes, cause it reminds Vista
and OSX. They say we must keep those orange-brown themes, and I personnaly
think we can still make something nice with that.

It has also been said that this
very nice and should be the default theme in Ubuntu, but which author
doesn't seem really active. So we gotta do it ourselves, or just modify some
existing theme, using Clearlooks or something else (Murrine engine got a
quite good reputation) to make Ubuntu nicer.

I'm using a little bit The GIMP to do some web buttons (2.0 ;)), but I'll
try to learn how to edit GTK themes, shouldn't be so hard.

Best regards,

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