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jmak wrote:

> Don't forget that color is not only
> a matter of aesthetics but it is a usability issue as well. There are
> plenty of info on the net about the effects of color on human
> psychology. Research the subject to see what I mean.

I can't stress this enough, this is, by all empirical research, an urban

Color "Psychology" is an attempt to legitimize a field that was once
referred to "chromotherapy".  It was used in ancient Egyptian and
Chinese cultures.  In contemporary terms, it is considered by most
psychologists to be completely bunk.

The American Medical Association dismissed it about a decade ago.

Consider the following:
"In 1878 Edwin Babbit published The Principles of Light and Color: The
Healing Power of Color. Babbit believed that pulsing coloured lights
shone into the eyes could cure a deficiency in eyesight, correct eye
coordination, and general health problems. We know today that
ultraviolet light can kill bacteria, but Dinshah P Ghadiali4 claimed
that he could cure a patient by shining multi-coloured light upon their
bare skin. Calling it 'Spectro-Chrome Therapy', he said that the basic
elements of the human body - oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon - all
had a corollary colour; oxygen was blue, hydrogen red, nitrogen green,
and carbon yellow. He said that the human body is responsive to these
four 'colour wave potencies' and to cure disease it was necessary to
administer the lacking colours or reduce the colours that have become
too brilliant. After 30 years of criminal activity, including immoral
relations with a 19-year-old girl who had been his secretary, making
over a million dollars selling the device, 12 criminal counts and five
years probation, a permanent injunction was issued in 1959 against
Ghadiali and Spectro-Chrome, and in 1966, Ghadiali died. Amazingly
enough, the Spectro-Chrome is still available by mail order."

Do you think that colour psychology has much merit when it is listed on
the same page that has astro psychics and UFO spottings?

> Rather Ubuntu aims at the
> global audience (dominated by western influences) that operates along
> different cultural lines.

Again, this is rather Western centric.  Remember, as of two years ago
some of the most lauded designers were popping up in Starbucks and like
coffee shop mentality.  What was the base colour in most of those
schemes?  That's right -- _brown_.  They won a boatload of awards
fueling the organic brown earthy look and feel, and with good reason --
some of that work is _phenomenal_ and had a good deal to do with
Starbuck's success.

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