[ubuntu-art] Colour

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 16:34:54 BST 2007

> There is a confusion here. No one is suggesting that the brown is
> ugly.
No worries.

> But the target users for ubuntu are not the Africans where this 
> color enjoys privileged symbolic meaning. Rather Ubuntu aims at the
> global audience (dominated by western influences)
I'm "white and western", I just happened to be born in South Africa!
I still like the brown. I think it's a brave and distinctive choice.

If we are gonna go down the "cultural" perception road then I always argue for 
a locale-based theme such that the locale decides the icons, the colours, the 
fonts, and so on. One size-fits all just don't work.

> Research the subject to see what I mean.
I'm sure it gets deeper than I have the metaphysics for, but I's still likes 
my browns man!


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