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Brian White felixruina at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 00:07:08 BST 2007

Hi, all.

This certainly isn't the first time we've seen this discussion cropping
up on the ubuntu-art mailing list.  I remember a year or two ago someone
suggested that because themes are such a personally subjective matter
(and for many they are the the first and easiest way to personalize
one's computer, along with the wallpaper), perhaps we should offer a
small selection of theme options at install time.  

Now, I know that some might argue that we already do offer multiple
themes that are easily changed once installation is finished.  This is
true, however, I think it would be an easy, fun and even rewarding
option, especially for new users to be able to initially customize your
own computer (it is your computer, after all) right from the get-go--the
first time you boot up your new ubuntu machine, it asks you which theme
you would like to use, with Human as the default.  

My mother used the Luna theme for Windows XP for the longest time (her
work computer...I have her on linux at home, of course!), but not
because she liked it, but because she didn't know how to change it.
Linux is about choice, and I think this is a nice and simple choice we
can offer people right from the beginning to demonstrate this ideal.
This is probably something to bring up more on the development side of
things than the ubuntu-art group, but I thought I would mention it once
again since it seemed a relevant option at this point in the discussion.

In regards to some of the other elements of the discussion, Ubuntu,
itself, as many of you have suggested, is cross-cultural and rooted in
different meanings to different people.  I agree that there needs to be
a "stock ubuntu" look, and I think the Human theme works admirably for
that purpose.  But I would be very curious as to what would happen if we
asked people from all different cultures to come up with their own
ubuntu theme.  I think it would be really neat to see what the world can
come up with.  

Naturally, this is not a project I could see being completed in the near
future, and it would certainly take a certain degree of cultural
sensitivity.  But, I think it would be really empowering, then, once
ubuntu started up to have a selection of 5 or 6 themes that were perhaps
based on these culturally-derived themes so that anyone who runs ubuntu
can immediately feel, "Hey, this OS feels right--it's like it was made
for me."  We offer a selection of languages at install time, why not a
selection of themes, as they seem to be culturally relevant (or at the
least, personally subjectively relevant), as well.

Well, I always halfway appreciate this discussion and halfway dread it
when it crops up.  I guess here's my 2 cents. :)  Thanks for everyone's
hard work.

Most appreciatively,
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