[ubuntu-art] Usplash for edgy is finished

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Thu Sep 7 09:51:44 BST 2006

On Sep 7, 2006, at 12:45 AM, Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
> well, almost finished
> The usplash in edgy actually already supports the bling-bling things I
> worked on lately, but doesn't say how to use them. I've just pushed  
> some
> more revisions to launchpad, including an example theme and fixes to
> make theme building out-of-tree possible.
> The example theme contains a README with theme-creation instructions.
> It's not hard at all, but it does need the things that are not yet in
> edgy (well, maybe they'll be there by the time you read it, Matthew
> Garrett is working on it).
> If anyone has questions about theming, please ask on this list.
> Sorry for the very late implementation of this and the lack of
> responsiveness from me lately, but IRL got in the way of doing this
> earlier.

It's good to hear something from the usplash front. I spent all day  
yesterday packaging artwork, and I managed to get the following  
pieces wrapped up:

- wallpaper
- login splash
- GDM theme
- startup and shutdown sounds
- rounded window border Metacity tweaks

Big absentee here is usplash, since it was clear to me it hadn't  
matured to the point where we'd be providing final artwork yet.  
Tonight is this week's developer meeting, at 23:00 GMT, so if you are  
able to join in for a bit that would be great (it's at 01:00 in The  

Thanks for the progress update, I hope we're able to properly work  
around feature freeze limitations on the artwork for usplash.

With kind regards,

Frank Schoep

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