[ubuntu-art] questions about building art pacakges....

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini efgiovanini at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 17:40:24 BST 2006

Em Sex, 2006-10-20 às 08:36 -0400, Matthew Nicholson escreveu:
> I know this is a bad time, what with the last week of edgy stuff going
> on and all, however, its a question I must ask:
> Here @ work, we have some ubuntu (dapper) lab systems, that are slowly
> becoming my project. One of the first things I'm doing with them is
> "branding" them a bit more. (that is, re-themeing via adding the Harvard
> crest, crimson colors, etc). I already have some basic stuff done, and
> am now trying to figure out the best way to get these themes onto the
> systems.
> right now, the systems PXE boot and do a custom net install. custom
> isn't quite right, because its all default things except its both ubuntu
> and kubuntu, and the system are set up for network logon.
> my first though was/is to modify the ubuntu-art pacakge, add my new
> themes, rebuild it, and replace the "standard" one on our repository.
> However, I'm not a debian packaging champ, and haven't been able to
> figure out where in the pacakge/scripts, X gdm theme/background/whatever
> gets set as default.
> another solution is obviously to create a seperate package to be
> installed with the system, but, once again, I need ot figure out
> how/where these thigns get set as defaults. 
> any one that can help out, or point me in the direction would be helping
> me out a ton.
> Thanks, and keep up the great work.

You can install your new theme with a package, or just drop the files
in /usr/local.

The GNOME defaults are set with from files in /usr/share/gconf/defaults;
they're quite easy to understand if you ever used gconf-editor. After
changing a file there you should run update-gconf-defaults for the
changes to take effect.

Package updates may overwrite your changes, so you should use use the
divert dpkg feature to make sure these files are not updated.

If you have any questions try searching the wiki, this information is
probably posted there already. You may also ask the ubuntu-users mailing
list, which is better than this one for technical questions.


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