[ubuntu-art] Wrong metacity

Andrea cimi86 at alice.it
Tue Jun 6 12:34:06 BST 2006

Hi I'm Andrea Cimitan (aka Cimi). Yesterday I've installed ubuntu on my 
father's PC and I've seen that a theme of mine (Gray) was added (i don't 
know when) to the ufficial ubuntu-artwork package. I was happy for this. :)
The only thing that surprise me is that it was added togheter with the 
metacity theme Candiso-selected, that was renamed to Gray.
I just want to know the reasons of this choice because (personally) I 
dislike Gray and Candido-Selected combination (gtk2+metacity).
There's an opportunity to remove Candido-selected and ad default 
metacity theme? Or add Candido gtk2 theme togheter with candido-selected?

I repeat, only if it is possible, and remember that I'm so happy of seen 
my theme in such an important distro!


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