[ubuntu-art] Calendar (and other organization)

Michiel Sikma omega at avalanchestudios.net
Tue Jun 6 09:18:21 BST 2006

Op 6-jun-2006, om 10:13 heeft Brian Burger het volgende geschreven:

> Launchpad has a calendar function - we've already got a team  
> calendar, and individual ones too.
> LP's internal help/documentation could be better, but we don't need  
> to go re-inventing the wheel.
> Brian/Madpilot
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Okay, so we could use that. I've taken a quick look at it and found  
it to be less inituitive than the Google Calendar, but if it will do,  
then that's fine by me. Is it possible to make page based on its data  
that shows the upcoming events? I personally would prefer the ability  
to be able to see such upcoming events quickly without having to log  
into my Launchpad account and finding the appropriate page (I don't  
use Launchpad every day, so I don't have much personal incentive to  
find the appropriate page everytime I just want to quickly look at  
recent events).


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