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Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 22:09:26 BST 2006

The textures are there to inspire and create new ideas, so it is
nice to see someone trying to use them as a leapboard.  Thiago's
sample shows how we might be able to get some sort of glossy 
effect across a background.  It is worth brainstorming early
before everyone starts putting pen to paper with final strokes.

The textures are there to try and stimulate ideas, although right now
everyone should work on getting more up on that Wiki page so
that we can sort through the more useable ones.

Implementing the ideas _loosely_ will come during proposals.

I encourage everyone to try and get their textures / motifs / etc
up.  For example, Niklas and Who should probably do a cropped 
close ups on their takes on the 'glossyness' of the look.

I think they are both distinct (Who's is simple and linear
and Niklas' is more complex -- both are great takes on

The whole point of the textures is to try and make the artists
think about how we are going to deal with larger images and
such.  For example, I found the shield shine on that texture
page to be very subtle and interesting, and might be worth
considering as yet another glossy/shine approach.

There is a ton of room for creativity here, so don't lock
yourselves into a given direction yet.  Let's get the ideas
out there and simply start talking about them.

PS:  Keep your textures to 330x330 jpgs for easy
viewing off that wiki page.  Thanks.

On Wed, 2006-28-06 at 15:38 -0300, Thiago Ribeiro wrote:
> I've been working in a texture that Troy posted here.
> It's a new wallpaper that I've done.
> www.neuronioenlatado.com.br/ubuntu/eft2.png
> what do you think?
> -- 
> Thiago Ribeiro
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