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Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Thu Jun 22 17:02:03 BST 2006

Hi Niklas!

Welcome to the Artwork team. It's great to have someone around with  
experience in graphics. Do you also have experience in print work?

I hope that you will succeed at getting a job as UI designer at DICE.  
I too would like to be part of a game studio sometime, although right  
now I'm just biding my time as graphic designer and web programmer.  
Maybe you've ever heard of Scaleform? It's also a UI company which  
does mostly work for game studios (programming and artwork). If only  
my friend who works there could get me in...

Some useful links:
- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork - the wiki page for the artwork team.
- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Team/GetInvolved - page with useful  
information for getting started with Ubuntu artwork.

I also hope you'll frequent the IRC channel. Things are sometimes a  
little quiet in there...

Have fun!


Op 22-jun-2006, om 17:54 heeft Niklas Weidel het volgende geschreven:

> Cheers all.
> I don't mean to spam the list, but I'd like to present myself  
> quickly to you all since I joined this team just now. :)
> I'm a fairly new, recently-converted, Ubuntu-user so my knowledge  
> of the linux world is, well, pretty basic. But, I've spent 5 years  
> as a professional IT consultant and technician (mainly Windows 2k- 
> XP and OS8-OSX) so I'm learning quickly.
> More viable here is that I also have had a career in an advertising  
> agency as graphics artist and layouter, and have diplomas in  
> digital graphics. I have also been running my own business with a  
> friend since 1997, designing websites, intranets, doing filmwork etc.
> Currently, I quit my job as an IT drone (cheer for me!) to pursue  
> more rewarding things, so I'm studying at Hyper Island School of  
> New Media at the moment, a 2 year education in project management  
> and with a focus on digital media. Right now I'm on one of the  
> internship periods, and the last three months I've been sitting in  
> a huge media consultancy firm (Carat / Aegis Media) and will work  
> there over the summer.
> But I have a great urge to do more graphics works, or at least help  
> others with it, and seeing as I've just fallen in love with Ubuntu  
> I'd like to contribute in any way I can. I believe the Ubuntu  
> project is an important and vital step for the desktop OS-market.  
> And I *so* love making UI's, and my next internship will be at DICE  
> (you know, the guys behind the Battlefield games) where I'll pester  
> the UI designer a good deal. I guess it's my secret fetish. :)
> And to end off with the basic ASL; 26yr old swedish dude with  
> beard, glasses and a crappy laptop.
> Cheers all
> /Niklas
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