[ubuntu-art] Wrong metacity

Chuck Huber chuck at lagunadata.com
Mon Jun 19 22:49:59 BST 2006

On Mon, 2006-06-19 at 22:17 +0200, Andrea wrote:
> Hi I'm Andrea Cimitan (aka Cimi). Yesterday I've installed ubuntu on my
> father's PC and I've seen that a theme of mine (Gray) was added (i don't
> know when) to the ufficial ubuntu-artwork package. I was happy for this. :)

Hi Andrea,
wow, you chose the right distribution and we chose the right theme and
it all came together on dad's computer for Father's Day.  That's quite a
coincidence.  :)

About changing the gtk from Candido to Gray, at this point, since the CD
has been released and people are using the current version as is, my
feeling is it wouldn't be such a wise thing to do.  

However, there is always Edgy and the plans for that are being discussed
now.  If possible, stick around and I bet you'll find plenty you can
assist with during this development cycle.

btw, I really like your Stripped gtk2 as well.  It's a bit slow for
everyday use but very easy on the eyes as well.
Chuck Huber <chuck at lagunadata.com>

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