[ubuntu-art] That's a wrap everyone!

Michiel Sikma omega at avalanchestudios.net
Thu Jun 1 19:39:17 BST 2006

Julian Oliver wrote:
> ..on Thu, Jun 01, 2006 at 06:30:20PM +0200, Michiel Sikma wrote:
>>Op 1-jun-2006, om 18:27 heeft Tom Moitie het volgende geschreven:
>>>Julian isn't saying that the users should be choosing the direction  
>>>the Ubuntu artwork should go, but to gain critique from them, so that
>>>you, as the designers, can make better choices. Listening to people  
>>>don't know what they're doing doesn't mean you have to follow what  
>>>want. You guys are, of course, the graphical designers.
>>That's right. Like I said, I do think that it's a very good idea to  
>>work with the community so that we may get feedback from them, but I  
>>don't think that it's right to put much weight on such opinions.  
>>Julian's mail made kind of made it seem so, but I guess he too thinks  
>>that community votes don't make up a good final decision.
> i don't necessarily think community wide votes should direct which art
> is shipped with Ubuntu. such voting schemes are riddled with all sorts
> of problems, the first being there are always some that are inclined to 
> vote and many that aren't. 
> i do however think a steady stream of opinion on the state of the Ubuntu artwork
> would be extremely useful for designers - wherever it comes from. 
> having a wishlist and or opinions forum focussed on artwork alone 
> (not issues relating to Ubuntu more generally) would also (importantly) 
> give users the confidence of a central context for being heard - with no
> promise of implementation. as a bonus, this can only strengthen user good-will. 
> currently such suggestions/opinions/criticisms are offered as bugs or randomly 
> dispersed throughout threads in blogs and user forums.
> naturally there would be alot of feedback that isn't useful. i'm sure however 
> there'd be some insights that would be very difficult to reach from the 
> perspective of a designer.
> how many hard-of-seeing people to we have telling us how brilliant our
> high-visibility theme is for instance? 
> julian

I guess we're on the same page, then. I think I misunderstood your first 
post to the mailing list, actually. Sorry about that.

You're actually right that there's little feedback from the community. 
I've been thinking of starting a blog about Ubuntu artwork development 
which would then hopefully be an easy reference point as to what's going 
on for the community. I should work on that. Might be a nice idea.


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