[ubuntu-art] That's a wrap everyone!

Chuck Huber chuck at lagunadata.com
Thu Jun 1 17:17:00 BST 2006

Public feedback should be looked at as a tool.  It certainly should not
be the only tool guiding design decision but used wisely(some would say
sparingly) it can prove helpful.

The least inspiring art I've seen was produced by well thought out and
very democratic community decision.  Isn't there an unwritten rule that
states "The smarter the group of corporate executives designing the art,
the grayer and more dull it gets?"  

Hopefully what comes from the Paris meeting will be rather broad style
guidelines and not a ton of overly confining details.  I'm sure we all
appreciate that as artists we need room for creativity or else "Bad Art"

Then again I doubt any of us is entirely happy with the community art we
ended up with on this CD.  At least I'm not.  And with that as our
recent record it's going to be quite a push to get out from under
pressure to be micro managed.  Though I want no part of it, I'd suggest
we create a workable management structure of our own BEFORE Paris or we
really do risk being governed heavily from outside(i.e. non artists).


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