[ubuntu-art] Fwd: Bazaar needs help with Windows icons

Matthew Nuzum matthew.nuzum at canonical.com
Mon Jul 31 15:58:40 BST 2006

Any artists here familiar with making Windows icons and have the time to
tweak them out so that they look nice? Bazaar wants to make the new logo
into icons for the windows version of their program.

They've got something that is functional, but they want to make it look
really nice on computers regardless of their setting for high-color
icons. They're also using icons with different sizes embedded.

I guess they're having problems with 8bit icons having a black
background. Here's the link to the source files

> On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 17:33 +0300, Alexander Belchenko wrote:
> > John Arbash Meinel пишет:
> > > I'm the one who created the icon. It is supposed to use a transparent
> > > background. It could be a few things, but my best guess is:
> > > Windows doesn't support 8-bit alpha
> > > I'm not sure about this, because I believe windows supports > 8-bit
> > > icons. Gimp only gives you the option to do 8-bit with 1-bit alpha, or
> > > 32-bit with 8-bit alpha.
> > > 
> > > I can create them with a white background, I started with transparent
> > > because it was easier.
> > 
> > John's ico with transparent background also not ideal. This ico is
> > designed with antialiased edges, so it looks rough at windows. So I
> > prefer to use ico on white background otherwise you need to make sharp
> > edges without antialiasing.
> You won't be able to do sharp edges on diagonal lines without
> anti-aliasing.

Matthew Nuzum
newz2000 on freenode

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