[ubuntu-art] New papers for that wall!

Niklas Weidel weidel at gmail.com
Sat Jul 22 01:56:51 BST 2006

Once more I've played around with some wallpaper ideas. For those wondering
why I'm pumping out these things, it's my own little way of experimenting up
a feel and form in my own head. Each idea directs the next one, and I think
I'm starting to home in on a pretty decent edgy-look.

The first one on
I've named 'glassflower' is my personal favourite so far. It's a
distinct look, and retaining some simplicity while at the same time being
pretty detailed. The reason for it was that I was experimenting with fully
glossy backgrounds, and I just didn't like it as a full background since it
takes too much focus. I usually prefer light abstract colours. But in order
to connect the glossy perspective we wish for Edgy, I created a reflective
center in the middle of the flower pattern. Best of both worlds. :)

Been playing around with the color of the glassblob in the middle, and most
colors look pretty neat, but I settled on a yellowish in order to not break
too much from the background palette. I've upped a 1600x1200 version of it
on my wikipage too, it's linked from the proposalpage.

The second one is too light, ofcourse, but it's a swiveling pattern I was
experimenting with and slapped in a little branding.

Third one is a simple abstract reflective 3D render, which I've layered up
to smooth out from the center out to create a little macro-effect.

I'm also starting to get intrigued by the usplash right now, so I might soon
have some ideas there as well. He who lives shall see.


Ps! Feedback regarding the walls is very useful, even if it's only a
statement on which is your favourite, as it helps me work out what to think
about next time.
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