[ubuntu-art] Xubuntulooks Theme

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Thu Jul 13 01:29:42 BST 2006

I remember when my silly decision NOT to make a Ubuntulooks theme for 
Xubuntu (and someone else claiming to do one mysteriously not 
contributing it), caused there to be no Xubuntu theme with the 
Ubuntulooks engine on Xubuntu at all.

But today, just for fun, I made a GTK theme for Xubuntu using the 
Ubuntulooks engine. I personally think it actually looks pretty slick, 
even more when you use the XFCE 4.4 Window Decoration (which makes it 
look even MORE slick). Xubuntu has become my way of getting my friends 
with older computers to switch to Linux, and what's a good distro 
without a nice looking theme?


p.s. Think I should put it on the wiki as well?
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