[ubuntu-art] msikma's Progress Indicator

Troy James Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 13:30:46 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-30-08 at 10:17 +0200, Michiel Sikma wrote:
> >
> > Mich -- do you think you could bang out a similar
> > animation with a 'spotlight' approach? Basically,
> > it would be almost identical to what you have there
> > save a more focused circular light illuminating the
> > Ubuntu logo as it rolls around the primary logo surface.
> Do you mean that instead of using a radial light, we use, say, a  
> raytraced light hovering over the Ubuntu logo? Or a little bit  
> lighter radial light that perhaps isn't as sharp, as Who is  
> suggesting? I think that a raytraced light might not work very well  
> on small sizes.

Imagine a simple circle.  Now over top of this simple circle,
you have a smaller circle that 'orbits' along its perimeter.
This smaller circle is a gradient from transparent on the 
outside to opaque at its centre.

When this 'circle' orbits around the logo, it would
reveal the logo underneath, as a focused flashlight might
offer.  From this you get two easy variations -- one which
is almost exactly the same as your current version, except
with a 'circular' radar line.  For the second, you could try
keeping the entire logo darkened while revealing it as the
circle rotates around it, gradually letting the circle's 
trail fade back to the darker logo.  I'd give you a sketch,
but I am in a complete rush this morning, so I apologize.

I imagine you can figure it out from here though.  And who
knows, sometimes accidents are the best creative spark.

> PS: sorry for inactivity in the channel. I promised you some work on  
> the GTK, but I've unfortunately been terribly busy and today I have  
> another meeting until late. But still, I haven't given up work. :)

Great -- looking forwards to it!

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