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PingunZ pingunz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 13:59:45 BST 2006

That is fbsplash.
It uses a vesaFB patch for the kernel.
Usplash will probably be able to have a higher resolution/color but wont
have a console mode.

GFXboot is just a patch for grub. It makes it look like suse but allows you
640*480 resolution.
It is nice but loads a little slower then the normal grub.


2006/8/29, Who <mailforwho at googlemail.com>:
> Hi all,
> I tried SUSE the other day and noticed that they have some rather nice
> themeing going on on their system consoles (I.E the things you access
> using CTRL+ALT+F?). They have an image at the top and use higher
> resolutions for the text - I'd like to do similar on Ubuntu.
> I don't know what they use (low google foo today, it seems), but I
> divined that Gentoo do similar with 'gensplash' (or fbsplash, to be
> precise) (http://dev.gentoo.org/~spock/projects/gensplash/, SUSE used
> to use 'botsplash' (www.bootsplash.org) and may now use gfxboot.
> Fedora, iirc, don't have the funky console themes.
> My question is, can the new usplash do it too? Can we do it with
> Ubuntu - beacause it looks really cool and makes the console look a
> lot more user friendly - it has a more "hey, look at this thing I'm
> obvioulsy supposed to use" feeling instead of "whoops, this looks
> complex and weird, better leave well alone" - not the attitude we
> want, I think. It definitely adds that oh-so illusive 'polished' feel.
> PingunZ, I see from an Ubuntu Forums thread you have experience in the
> gfxboot world: you know whether it themes the consoles?
> Should this go to ubuntu-devel too?
> Who
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