[ubuntu-art] Sound on boot

Viper550 gthompson at cogeco.ca
Wed Aug 23 20:59:38 BST 2006

Brandon Holtsclaw wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 August 2006 13:31 / 1:31 pm, Pete Savage wrote:
>> We can make these as small/simple/complicated as you like.  Just say the
>> word, and I'll start mocking something up.
> Personaly I would like to see something short and blunt like the 
> apple "bong" , no idea what mark has in mind but thats just my 0.2c
> Cheers!
> Brandon
That's a great idea (*whips up a little something*)

There, it has the short charm of Apple, but still with a little 
uniqueness! Just keeping it short and sweet!

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