[ubuntu-art] Starting the Produce phase for Edgy Eft

jmak jozmak at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 23:49:10 BST 2006

On 8/19/06, Ivan Sagalaev <Maniac at softwaremaniacs.org> wrote:
> Who wrote:
> > Gimp suposedly has support for PSDs
> It does indeed. I'm now doing a website from a layout made as a
> full-blown PSD with hundreds of layers. I work with it in GIMP and
> didn't run into any problems (yet...). So from my outsider's point of
> view this option looks doable.

I've just opened my photoshop files in the gimp. The gimp cannot
handle LAYER EFFECTS and CLIPPING which causes major headaches.
Everything else rendered fine.

J. Mak

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