[ubuntu-art] Starting the Produce phase for Edgy Eft

Ivan Sagalaev Maniac at SoftwareManiacs.Org
Sat Aug 19 13:21:06 BST 2006

Who wrote:
> Gimp suposedly has support for PSDs

It does indeed. I'm now doing a website from a layout made as a 
full-blown PSD with hundreds of layers. I work with it in GIMP and 
didn't run into any problems (yet...). So from my outsider's point of 
view this option looks doable.

On a side not GIMPs XCF is in fact less open format than PSD. It is less 
documented and less widely supported. So even for religious reasons it's 
hardly any better :-)

P.S. I'm a typical "long time lurker, first time poster" so forgive me 
for any mess created!

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