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Sun Aug 13 16:17:39 BST 2006

Michiel; Are you hacking now? the stuff you said about the desktop
button suggested you may be playing with code...?

Looking at the latest samples I feel that it is heading in a 'bubbly'
direction - I prefered it when it was flatter and slicker - for
example, the scrollbars and handles on sliders now look very rounded
and 'high' - in my ideal theme the gradients would be toned down a bit
and the edges squared a little - I think this 'slickens' things

When I get back to my PC I may get a mockup going - you said you are
using photoshop - how are you doing it? is it easy? Could I use the
gimp? - It seems to me to be a task more natrually done with vector

Hope that helps,

On 8/13/06, Michiel Sikma <michiel at thingmajig.org> wrote:
> On Aug 13, 2006, at 4:12 PM, Étienne Bersac wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> >> I don't think I can use the same rounding for the progress bars.
> >
> > Ok, you're right. I distinct two kind of rounding :
> >
> >       * One for scrollbars and sliders
> >       * One for buttons, combo and progressbar
> >
> > Obviously, progressbar has a very small radius. That would be nice to
> > have a radius similar to buttons. That would distinct it from OS X.
> I personally distinct it differently; but now that I've done some
> testing, it seems that I might need to remove some of the rounding
> from the buttons anyway. Some small buttons don't really benefit from
> such rounded buttons, as the theme system unfortunately doesn't
> discern between big and small buttons, e.g. the small "desktop"
> button to the bottom-left.
> Personally, I actually think that the rounding is okay on all the
> other elements. I'll try to make the buttons' rounding radius one
> pixel smaller. I want to try and keep everything as similar as
> possible for consistency reasons.
> >> I wanted to keep the window frame a little brownish in order to have
> >> more contrast for the title. Orange didn't have as good a contrast.
> >> But yeah, I'll try this out more thoroughly.
> >
> > Did you test the contrast of progress bar ? Can use the same gradient
> > for metacity title and progress bar ? Same gradient may give an
> > overall
> > consistency even with slightly different colours.
> Yeah, the progress bar is just too bright. I've done some testing,
> though:
> http://www.gamingw.net/pubaccess/28695/metacitytest.png
> (Note: only a part of the top of the window frame is different, and
> the rest is all unchanged.)
> What do you think about this? I kind of like it, but on the other
> hand I disagree with making the whole design even _more_ saturated.
> It just keeps getting more and more color-heavy. Might have to tone
> that down later on in the process.
> > Also, have you tryed using only brown ? a brown like the current
> > metacity title (caramel) or like the brown you use for your metacity
> > title ?
> >
> > Thanks.
> I will try that as well. It might work out. Both brown and orange are
> okay colors from my perspective, as they're very distinctive and nice
> colors.
> Michiel Sikma
> michiel at thingmajig.org
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