[ubuntu-art] Progress update on the community process

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at laposte.net
Thu Aug 10 19:28:08 BST 2006


I agree with Who. The overall look'n'feel is quite better than the
current Human. However, less rounded widgets should do a better
"distinctive" design. That would make GtkSpinButton nicer.

I really like the progressbar, there are far more readable. Droping tiny
vertical lines is a very good idea :D.

Also, i find that the darken bottom of window title bar is too dark, as
well as the close button background.

About scrollbar. Using color for both scroll and buttons might look
good. But remember that orange is quite sharp. Mark said that "long term
widget" should not be in sharp color, nor glassy.

Also, a big big big point. Can you use less gray and more white or a
sligthly oranged white ? I'm sure that a lot of people are fed up with
gray. Using a widget background color other than gray would definetly
make ubuntu looks distinctive.

Keep up the good work !! :D

Verso l'Alto !

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