[ubuntu-art] [REQUEST] Sound designers?

Niklas Weidel weidel at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 08:32:43 BST 2006

I like to tip. =)

Well, since I'm not around my studio at the moment I don't have any
hands-down examples. But I was thinking about a sort of soft choir with some
rhythmic percussion pad. That would give it an organic sound, while a good
use of the stereofield and clever reverbing could make it quite vivid. But I
think it would be quite nice to get away from the "sampled synthesizer"
sound that every OS has had since the days when the dinosaurs walked the
earth. :)


2006/8/1, Peter Savage <petesavage at ubuntu.com>:
> On 01/08/06, Niklas Weidel <weidel at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Somehow I get a sort of "dated" feeling from most of those. They are
> > very 90's OS type, and the sounds are a bit FM synthesis dated-feel as well.
> > I might be nitpicking, but I'd like for Ubuntu to have something truly new
> > and much more organic and vivid. My 5 cents.
> >
> 5 cents????
> I normally only accept 2 :p
> I'm all up for vivid and organic, give me some examples of what you mean
> and I'll try for it.  Vivid and organic can mean totally different things to
> different people.  Dictionary definitions do not apply in peoples
> perceptions.  If you can find some examples, that'd be great!
> I'm open to ideas, if all else fails we have some fall back sounds.
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