[ubuntu-art] Suggestions for polishing the Human GTK theme

Frank Schoep frank at ffnn.nl
Wed Aug 2 15:33:08 BST 2006

Hello artists,

Following up on a recent request by Chuck Huber and ongoing  
collaboration with Troy, I've added a new page to the Wiki for  
sharing ideas and comments regarding the polishing of the Human GTK  
theme for Edgy. The page is rather empty at the moment, but I'm  
counting on your expertise to fill in the gaps.

What we need is ideas for making the Dapper GTK theme better and look  
more polished and in line with the artwork we're doing for Edgy. Some  
ideas that we'll consider are fully rounded window borders and  
changing around a few colors. Besides those, I'm sure there's plenty  
of room for other design improvements and I'm looking forward to hear  
from you all.

If you have a suggestion, please take the time to create a small  
picture visualizing your thoughts and add it to the following Wiki page:

The current deadline for submissions is set at the 10th of August,  
which leaves a bit more than a week. I think that's a reasonable  
amount of time to get your submissions in. Thanks a lot for your time  
and let's get the ideas flowing.

With kind regards,

Frank Schoep

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