[ubuntu-art] Suggestions for polishing the Human GTK theme

Michiel Sikma michiel at thingmajig.org
Wed Aug 2 20:18:40 BST 2006

On Aug 2, 2006, at 4:33 PM, Frank Schoep wrote:

> Hello artists,
> Following up on a recent request by Chuck Huber and ongoing
> collaboration with Troy, I've added a new page to the Wiki for
> sharing ideas and comments regarding the polishing of the Human GTK
> theme for Edgy. The page is rather empty at the moment, but I'm
> counting on your expertise to fill in the gaps.

Hi Frank. I've added my commentary to the page. Perhaps the rest can  
go in and say what they feel? I think that the theme is fine except  
for some minor things that we could consider changing. There is one  
major change that I would like to propose, but I will show this later  
once I get some screenshots out (I will add these to the wikipage as  

I would also like to stress the importance of accessibility to the  
designers. I personally think that at the very least, the title bar  
should have different colors, since it is just a little bit too  
bright at the moment. There has been made a bug report about it  

Well, off to the drawing table.

Michiel Sikma
michiel at thingmajig.org

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