[ubuntu-art] Re: About notifications...

tonyo tonyo at etudiant.com
Sun Apr 23 16:06:48 BST 2006

I did it with Gimp.

Sven Jaborek escribió:
 > Hi!
 > that looks strange/ugly and i dont think the engine would support it.
 > It is a gimp-mockup or did you realize it in code?
 > br, Sven
 > Am Sonntag, den 23.04.2006, 15:53 +0200 schrieb tonyo:
 >> Hello!
 >> I do really like the new notification "splash" but I think, we could
 >> improve the position of it. For example, in my desktop configuration,
 >> the notification is quite "particular".
 >> I send a screenshot of it, and the same screenshot showing how I think
 >> the notification should appear.
 >> Hoping you undertstood what I want to say...
 >> tonyo

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