[ubuntu-art] tangerine

Andreas Nilsson nisses.mail at home.se
Thu Apr 20 16:47:21 BST 2006

bvc wrote:
>  On top of that, Tango is not 'complete' as people expect, in the 
> insane 300 to 500 icon's in an icon theme gnome world.
Oops, forgot to answer this part...
Our goal is not to make a theme with 500+ icons in it, because that is a 
insane amount of icons and is more or less impossible to maintain. The 
gnome-icon-theme maintainers have started doing this recently and are 
making projects ship icons with the app instead and put in hicolor, that 
a theme can then override, so we're taking the same approach for 
tangerine, as both tangerine, tango and gnome-icon-theme is now 
following the same style guidelines. Tangerine is currently including a 
couple of application icons, but as soon as those are shipped with the 
apps instead, they will be removed from the icon-theme.
- Andreas

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