[ubuntu-art] Tangerine Icon Request: Check-mark and Red-X

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen kamstrup at daimi.au.dk
Sun Apr 9 21:14:01 BST 2006

On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 21:21 +0200, Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen wrote:
> This is espicially obvious in Synaptic... The green Apply check-mark
> icon is heavily pixelized - as is the red X in Cancel buttons. This just
> looks totally out of place in between otherwise antialised icons.
> Since I've long ago realized that I suck at making icons, I just hope
> that some one could do my eyes a favor ;-P

Just to be precise, I'm talking about the stock_apply and stock_cancel

In a desperate attempt to change the situation myself, I've been
grepping and browsing /usr/share/icons/{gnome,hicolor}, but have not
found the relevant icons...

Can anyone give me a hint as to where to look?


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