[ubuntu-art] Tangerine in universe

Julian Oliver julian at selectparks.net
Thu Apr 6 16:44:05 BST 2006

..on Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 04:37:58PM +0200, Eric Feliksik wrote:
> It's a *GREAT* proposal, this iconset! Orange for the ones who love 
> orange, but not as agressive as in the current theme. Nice, Étienne.
> Julian Oliver wrote:
> >I'd miss those little orange folder property indicators however - eg for 
> >home,
> >ssh, ftp etc - as the orange chosen ties in well with the Ubuntu logo 
> >itself and
> >sit's above the folder icon itself enough to be immediately noticed.
> >
> The point is, those labels don't have to go. I would just propose to 
> make them grey or another non-orange color. This way it's both more 
> relaxed for the eye, *AND* it's more noticable because it contrasts with 
> the icon itself.

This is true, as a colleague of mine noted, Flight6 w/Human is "alot more work
to look at" compared to Breezy - something to consider. The interface
should be translucid to the user, going most of the time completely
'unnoticed' except when needed. When colours are too strong, attention is demanded 
even when attention is no longer unneccessary in that given area. 

> (This also applies to the orange home-icon, I personally find it very 
> unpleasant to see. Just make the home-circle a nicer, non-orange color).

You're right, while not as 'striking' it would make Ubuntu more liveable/productive 
to work with. People care less about what their desktop looks like,
explicitly speaking, than how it feels to use it.


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