[ubuntu-art] Tangerine in universe

Eric Feliksik milouny at gmx.net
Thu Apr 6 15:37:58 BST 2006

It's a *GREAT* proposal, this iconset! Orange for the ones who love 
orange, but not as agressive as in the current theme. Nice, Étienne.

Julian Oliver wrote:
> I'd miss those little orange folder property indicators however - eg for home,
> ssh, ftp etc - as the orange chosen ties in well with the Ubuntu logo itself and
> sit's above the folder icon itself enough to be immediately noticed.

The point is, those labels don't have to go. I would just propose to 
make them grey or another non-orange color. This way it's both more 
relaxed for the eye, *AND* it's more noticable because it contrasts with 
the icon itself.

(This also applies to the orange home-icon, I personally find it very 
unpleasant to see. Just make the home-circle a nicer, non-orange color).

See the icons for .ogg, .wav, etc., they are greay (although .deb is 
purple, etc... there are different colors)

I don't know if the iconset can be adapted (time, volunteers), but it 
would be definately great.

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